The Best Summer Day I've Ever Had (And no, it wasn't when we got engaged!)

I'm trying to come up with things that might seem at all interesting here, but until you guys tell me what you like, I'm going to keep being pretty random. But that's why Pinterest exists. There are a ton of blog topic pins, and I came across one that tells you to write about the best summer day you'd ever had. And that had me thinking. I got engaged on a summer day, and of course, that day was pretty amazing. Evidence here:

But when I read that blog prompt, our engagement wasn't the day that came to mind. The day that popped into my mind actually happened almost 2 years before Brandon got down on his knee and made me cry my eyes out. 

When I was 22, I got married to my high school sweetheart who I had been with for 7 years. But a year into the marriage, it became evident that things weren't working. A lot of things happened, but it ultimately led me to Charleston where I planned to stay for 2 weeks to clear my head. I didn't leave this beautiful city for 3 months. I moved in with my sister and brother-in-law, started an Etsy shop that would eventually in a roundabout way lead to Knotty Cards, surfed every single day, and generally let myself be very very selfish for the first time in my entire life. 


That summer, I went a little crazy. I woke up every day and went to the beach. I smoked a lot of cigarettes. I drank a good bit. It was easily the most confusing time in my life, but it was also one of the most clarifying. I was also very, very tan which was a plus. In the middle of all of it, Brandon would come see me. We were sort of just friends at the time, but clearly it would develop further if I let it. Anyway. 

There was this one day that my sister had off work. I obviously wasn't doing anything with my life at the moment, so we decided to go to the beach together. We stayed out there all day. And when I mean all day, I mean from morning to the sun going down. I would go surfing on and off throughout the day. We had drinks and talked about everything going on. The water was perfect, the weather was perfect. And it was the best day. Just a simple day where I wasn't having to make these huge life decisions or talk about my feelings or fight my feelings. It was just a good day. 

After that day, it seemed that my mental capacity strengthened itself enough to deal with what was going on. I ended up going back to the marriage and trying to work things out. It ultimately didn't work out, but I handled it. And when I officially moved back to Charleston that November, I knew it was for good. There were no more doubts. And I ended up buckling down and creating a business that would lead to this one. That's been everything for my future. To the relationship and marriage I was meant to be in. To the path I've taken. To the way I think and cope and deal. It's just really cool to be able to pinpoint a moment in time where I first thought, "Okay, I think I'll be okay." 

The engagement day is a close second though because that, too, was a really good summer day.

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  • This is the exact definition of a “special, lucky day.” A day that you don’t plan. A day where you are able to forget about the weight of life and just live in the moment. The key to a special lucky day is that it must be shared by a sister or a VBF. Oh, and it must include a trip to the beach :)

    Toni Cockrell

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